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Magnus O'Brien
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6 March
The sale of my Property was so Easy and straight forward, I had constant questions but Sarah always...
Rated 9.3 out of 10 based on 138 reviews.
We will buy your house - any condition, any location

Our Guarantees

  • 100% cash offer
  • Completion in 7-28 days
  • Strictly no fees charged
  • No chains or viewings

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It's about time you had a worry and stress-free life and allow Fast Sale Today to sell your house as quickly as possible with a leading property buyer.

Contact us today to receive a guaranteed offer of sale on your home, with no fees incurred!

How can Fast Sale Today help you?

Selling your house can be a demanding and tiring process no matter how long it takes. Selling with an agent can cause sleepless nights and stress beyond compare so why put yourself through it when Fast Sale Today can eliminate all your worry no matter where in the UK you live. The beauty of using Fast Sale Today is you do not need to hire an agent, solicitor, and surveyor or arrange viewings. We will simply buy your home for cash and make a quick exchange to alleviate the stress of selling your home. We are more than happy to buy your home whatever the condition it may be; new or old. For whatever reason you may have to sell, we understand that every situation is unique, but what all our customers have in common is an understanding to sell quickly and avoid the elongated process of selling your home through an agent.

At Fast Sale Today, we pride ourselves on being the best, providing a high quality service which is reliable, fast, customer friendly and bespoke to your needs. We provide a professional and personal service to ease your troubles, whether you are needing to relocate due to a messy divorce or fear of being repossessed.

And if you're worrying about costs involved; there aren't any! All you need to do is simply contact us and we will arrange a surveyor to value your house and begin the process in which we can buy your home. With no fees involved, you will be in a better position to move on financially and mentally within 7-28 days after contacting us.

Moving house is a financial commitment and if you are needing to sell up and move house for whatever reason and worried it may become unaffordable, here is what the current housing market is doing right now!

UK House Prices Increase

So why would you consider using Fast Sale Today?

Getting divorced
Getting a divorce is never an easy circumstance for both parties involved; especially if there are children stuck in between. Often enough, the easiest way to settle and divide up assets is to sell your house. If you need to sell your house at the best price possible and quickly to avoid minimal fuss and animosity, then we are your best option when handling a tense situation.
Financial difficulty
Selling your house quickly is one of the easiest ways to release equity in your home. If you have mounting loans and debts you are finding difficult to pay off, it may be causing an extra stress. We can help stabilise your finances by buying your home and using equity to pay off your debts and start afresh.
No one wants to see their home repossessed for any reason, so if you find yourself falling behind in your mortgage repayments, you may consider us buying your house to free up the cash to pay off your mortgage debts. We will help buy your home for the value it is worth, rather than what it would be sold for after being repossessed.
Want to relocate
You get to a certain age and stage in your life when relocating is a way of building a fresh new future. Whether you are retiring, moving abroad for work or relocating for financial reasons, we can help sell your house directly; providing with you instant cash to move your life elsewhere with little hassle.
We buy any house, whatever the condition and state it is in. So if you live in an area with a high risk of flooding or steep hills unsafe for snowfall, moving may be your best option to avoid any costs incurred when it comes to fixing up your house. We can help prepare your finances quickly for a move to an area with far less environmental risks.
Inheriting a property
It can be hugely positive when you inherit a property; a fabulous new income. What most people forget is how long the process takes before you can really call it your home. With extremely high legal fees and inheritance tax, it may be easier for us to buy your new home at the best offer and to avoid the fuss of resale with an agent.
Your lifestyle
Ill health or old age can be a catalyst for financial worry and the maintenance of any home. For whatever reason you are considering to sell your house, Fast Sale Today can alleviate any stress caused and help provide you with cash quickly to buy a more fitting home for your lifestyle changes. Whether you need to downsize, move closer to family or moving into a care home, we can help ease the burden of changes to your routine.
Had enough of broken chains
When selling your house through an estate agent, there is a high risk of broken chairs occurring. For whatever reason the sale falls through, it can cause a large amount of disappointment and stress and worry when needing to move home. If you hate waiting around for a guaranteed sale, Fast Sale Today can guarantee a sale within 7-28 days.
Property lease
Having a short lease on a property can incur uncontrollable costs when it comes down to re-selling. If you live in a property with a lease due to expire, it may be worth using our services to buy your property to avoid losing value on the house. If you are unable to renew it, selling with Fast Sale Today may be your best option.
Fast Sale Today vs. Estate Agents Comparison Table


We understand that you might have questions about our service before getting in touch or using our service. Please read through the most commonly asked question by our clients below.

Don't forget, if you still have any outstanding questions that are not answered below, you can contact us on 0800 311 2188 anytime.

1. Which areas do you buy in?
We buy all kinds of properties throughout the whole of England and Wales, in all the big cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Swansea and Leeds. Fast Sale Today will consider any property, large or small and in any location in England and Wales.
2. How quickly will I get my cash?
Quicker than you may think. Regular property sales can take up to 65 days on average to complete. This is usually due to housing sale chains, which are naturally volatile as buyers in the chain can drop out at any instant breaking down a sale. With our service, we will usually purchase your property in as quickly as a week, but can take up to 28 days. You will be sent the agreed cash amount on the day of completion either by electronic transfer to an account of your choosing or by cheque.
3. How does it work?
After submitting an online enquiry, we will get back to you with a guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours. Over the phone we will discuss the information we need and once you have decided you want to sell your house to us, we will organise and pay for two separate independent surveys at any time convenient to you. What makes us different from estate agents is that we hold the cash funds which makes us ready and able to buy, meaning you can get a fast sale today.
4. Are there any guarantees?

Yes we guarantee:

  • That once we make an offer and the survey returns with everything in order we will not back out of a property sale.
  • To make an offer on every single property we see.
  • To be professional, friendly and helpful at all times.
  • To pay all legal fees
5. Who buys my property?
We do! Here at FastSaleToday we have access to substantial cash funds, so we do not need to obtain mortgage finance from a bank or find an investor. We are the investor, so we can ensure there will be no delays.
6. Will you consider any property in any condition?
Yes! Houses of all shapes, sizes, styles and conditions are of interest to us. That means we will consider any property no matter what state of repair it may require. So you don't have to worry about costly house renovations or decorations before selling your property with us.
7. What is the most you will pay for my property?
We make offers of up to 85% of the true market value of your property. To find out exactly what your property is worth and how much we can pay, simply fill out a few details on our hassle-free, no obligation valuation form or give us a call on 0800 311 2188, we're open 24/7.
8. What are your fees?
Unlike estate agents we do not charge you a penny for selling through our service. We take care of everything, including solicitor costs, stamp duties and surveying. You pay nothing!
9. What is the difference between the market value and an estate agents valuation?

Market value is a figure equal to the TRUE value of your property based on the latest property estimates, facts and figures from reputable sources including the Land Registry and other specialist resources we have access to. We investigate the values similar properties in your area have actually sold for instead of using asking prices or what the estate agents advertise them for.

An estate agent value is normally 5 to 10% higher than true market values because they use high valuations to get your property on their books! This acquisition method is detrimental to the sale of your house as it delays the process through an overly high asking price. They'll usually ask you to drop the price weeks or months into the sales process because the property is not selling.

10. Can you help if I am facing repossession?
YES. We absolutely will help you and through our specialist team of solicitors can put a stop to repossession proceedings. Contact us now through our free valuation form and we will call you back instantly.
11. What if my property is already on the market with estate agents?
We can still buy your property even if it is already up for sale. This means you could potentially save yourself up to £3,000 in expensive estate agency fees as our service is totally free. Please give us a call and we can talk through the details of your situation.
12. Is your service confidential?
Of course! No matter what the details are of your house sale, be it divorce, repossession or anything else. We respect all of our client's privacy and by keeping high professional standards ensure that your sale stays between us and only us.
Jo Taylor

Transcription of testimonial - Jo Taylor

Why were you looking to sell?
We were looking to sell so that we would have extra capital for our construction business.
Why did you choose Fast Sale Today?
I looked at various websites and Fast Sale Today was the most appealing.
Did you need to release equity quickly?
We needed to release equity quickly because our business wanted to expand so we needed the money fast.
Was it good to talk to someone?
It was very good to speak to someone about our situation to cover all options that were available to us.
Did you think about selling with Estate Agents?
We didn't sell on the market with agents because they could take months and months and they do charge quite a lot.
How was the process for you?
The process in general was very good - there was always someone there to answer any questions you had. Everything was explained on the first phone call so we knew whether we wanted to go ahead or not. Fast Sale Today was hassle free from their point of view but from our point of view we did have a few hiccups but they sorted everything out for us.
How were the Fast Sale Today staff?
The fast sale today staff were very good. Any questions, anytime you could phone and ask them and they would always get back to you if they weren't available there and then.
Did Fast Sale Today help you achieve what you wanted?
Fast Sale Today helped us achieve the expansion of our business, which is what we wanted. We are now in the position today, thanks to Fast Sale Today, that our son is now taking over the business and everything is going fine. Fast Sale Today are friendly, reliable and efficient.
Barry Turner


Elaine Jackson

I got myself into debt and needed to sell my property almost immediately. Fast Sale Today were completely understanding when I told them my situation and I felt comfortable sharing my concerns with Tom, who I spoke to over the phone several times. My house was sold in just under three weeks and I couldn't have been happier with the service. Highly recommend.

Brian Lender

My ex-wife and I were desperate to sell up quickly; we'd gone through a rather messy divorce. We contacted Fast Sale Today through their website which we found on Google. They were professional, understanding and we sold the house within 4 weeks. If you're looking for a company to sell your house as quickly as possible with little hassle, then I'd highly recommend them.

Lorna Peterson

My house was about to be repossessed and I was actually becoming unwell with the worry and stress of it all. I felt like my life was spiralling out of control and there was nothing I could do about it. When I contacted Fast Sale Today and spoke to one of their employees I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He explained they would be able to sell my house in under 4 weeks and true to his word it was sold within three. I could not be happier with the service I received and am forever thankful - they helped me get my life back on track.

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