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5 Best interior Design Blogs on the Net

Whether you’re the proud owner of your dream property or you’re merely renting, there’s no question you’ll want it to be a home you’re proud of; interior design is the key to making a house a home.

A Persian rug here, a statement lamp there and a couple of furry cushions are all you need to have your home sparkling with personality in no time.

Now we’re not all experts in interiors, nor can we afford to hire a personal designer. Moreover, with our homes being one of the most personal things we own, many of us want to make our own interior design decisions, albeit with a little professional guidance.

Well nowadays, you can have the best of both worlds, as some of the best interior design guidance can be found online in the form of thousands of blogs updated daily. But which ones are truly worth your time? We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best, along with top tips from the design experts responsible for creating them.

Happy home-design!

Jen Stanbrook

Interiors writer and blogger Jen Stanbrook specialises in family home design, and boy does she do it well.

Just as we imagine her home to be, Jen’s blog is modern, contemporary, fresh and oh-so-stylish. With separate categories containing posts on kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more, you can easily find tips, ideas and beautifully set out inspiration for every room in your home – she even has a garden section!

Jen’s top tip: Live in the house for a while before you start to make any changes or put any colour on the walls. You need to see how you use the space and how it work for you. Nine times out of ten if you make any changes as soon as you move in, you’ll end up changing them or regretting them.

Carole King 500 px

Well-travelled interior designer Carole King’s aesthetically stunning blog is a real treat for the eyes. Understated and a little bit edgy, this is the perfect blog to follow if you like you’re home to be a little different, but brash décor and bright colours aren’t your thing. With furniture examples and clinical attention to detail, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular interior design blogs on the internet.

Carole’s top tip: “Don’t rush. Live in your home for a while before making any big decisions. It’s important to understand a space and how you use it first. Only then can you decide on big purchases and colour schemes. Once you do start to make decisions it’s also important to only buy what you absolutely love. Fashion is transient but if you love it, you will love it forever.”


Partners since 2011, Hannah, Gavin and Luke are skilled interior designers whose wonderfully simplistic blog focusses on contemporary interior design with a twist; they are passionate about all things ‘upcycled’. From beautiful benches, stunning shelving and quality tables, their expertise lies in salvaging old pieces of wood and giving them a new lease of life. The blog consists of beautiful, inspiring photos of house interiors, enough to give anyone serious house envy, and indeed, serious house inspiration.

Luke’s top tip: “Keep things simple for minimalist design when decorating your home and you can’t go far wrong – a phase from the Robert Browning poem, The Faultless Painter ‘Less is more’”.


Northern Californian Kate’s wonderfully personal blog is filled with quirky, inspirational ideas for any aspiring interior designer. Kate’s motto is ‘diamond style on a dime’, meaning if you’re on a budget, hers is the perfect blog to pick up DIY design tips and renovate your home the most stylish way possible. Plus, it’s all so simple – never struggle with an instruction manual again!

Kate’s top tip: “Resist the urge to decorate all at once! Pick a room where you need decent seating and invest in a sofa that fits the proportions and style of your home. Beyond that, take your time adding layers of furniture and accents to achieve a collected over time look and a home filled with meaningful objects”.


As editor of Better Homes and Gardens, and design, decorating and food editor for House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living and Food Network, Eddie Ross certainly has credentials – and it’s easy to see why. Famous for his brilliantly imaginative design and divergent approach to high-calibre interior design, Eddie’s blog reflects this with quirky, individual posts along with inspiring pictures we’re sure you’ll be longing to recreate in your own property. Eddie also comments on entertaining on a budget, so once you’ve re-decorated to your hearts content, you can throw your house warming party in style! If you can’t get enough of the blog, his new book ‘Modern Mix’ provides more information on creating a personal, well-travelled and beautiful home.

Eddie’s top tip: “Rome wasn’t built (or should I say furnished?) In a day! As entertaining as they are, reality design shows have little in common with real-life decorating. All those richly layered rooms in vintage magazines look collected over time because they were; old-school decorators were part of the family, refreshing furniture, swapping things in and out, traveling the world to give their clients something special. But you can easily create a chic, affordable mix of furniture, art and objects that’s every bit as stylish—and personal—if you take the time to look.”



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