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5 Simple Ways to Inject Autumn Home Decor

Friday 22 September doesn’t seem all too far away. But what does it signify? It is the first official day of autumn, when the colours of the leaves begin to change, ready to break away from their branches they perch on during the summer months. Autumn offers a wealth of inspiration for things to do, parks to visit, activities to plan and flavorsome hot chocolates to try. But in all its excitement, autumn has another inspiring function – much to the delight of many homeowners. The colours are subtle, earthy, burnt and a reflection of seasonal festivities – so oranges, rich shades of red and browns and musty yellows are a must-have when re-decorating your home for the wintry season. 

Warm tapestry and rugs

Patterns, textures, woven textiles and lush rugs and throws become our best friend during the cold winter nights. As autumn draws in, you may choose to add a touch of autumn by decorating your living room with coffee coloured pillows, with a light texture for added roughness. Perhaps an oriental rug, with dark hues of berry incorporated against the lighter walls. Whatever you choose, warm colours, patterns and designs will lift your room of your choice. But be careful not to overdo it. 


Photo credit: Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock 


This sumptuous fabric isn’t for everyone, and the touch of its elegant finish may not be your acquired taste. But if you do like a little injection of velvet, you could invest in a corner chair, stall or plain coloured cushions with some pretty tones to complement the season. If you choose a more ‘expensive’ design, then look at a piece of furniture that is deep cranberry or soft chestnut in colour. 


Photo credit: Michaella Hughes/Shutterstock 

A touch of nature

Grey slate, terracotta cermaics and wooden bowls have always been and will always be a popular asset to one’s home. Whether it is a dark or light oak dining room table, fruit bowl or grey kitchen cabinets, these natural colours are a great way of adding a touch of nature to your home. The great thing about these natural and autumnal colours is that they will always be in fashion through the year, through all seasons. So, you won’t need to worry about replacing it once spring starts blossom. 


Photo credit: jovana veljkovic/Shutterstock

Invest in a plant or two

Unsurprisingly, your house can be a difficult climate and environment for houseplants. But like plants that blossom outside well during the winter, there are also those that do well inside during the winter months. Phalaenopsis, Azalea, Cyclamen, Cymbidium and Poinsettia are all suitable houseplants, that indicate autumn/winter has truly begun. Not only do they look pretty, but they filter the air for you. And if you’re not into looking after your household plants, look to fake flowers and plant pots from homeware stores such as Homesense, TK Maxx, Hobby Craft and DIY stores for a variety of options in colour and size. 


Photo credit: Taras Garkusha/Shutterstock 

Get creative

The beauty of autumn are the colours of the trees and leaves withering on the floor. But with it all looking exquisite, it can be sad to see it go so quickly. So why not use your imagination, and take to nature to decorate your home. Even before Christmas arrives, you can collect conkers, pine cones and large and small leaves to fill decorative bowls on your coffee or dining room table. You will pine cones are the ultimate decorative homeware feature as they do not die out too quickly, unlike conkers which can become mouldy after some time. Simply fill your vase or bowl with a load of pine cones, and stick on top a couple of gerberas for a pop of colour to contrast the wintry mood. 


Photo credit: Maxim Catana/Shutterstock 

Feature image credit: breadmaker/Shutterstock 


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