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6 Places in the UK to Visit this Spring

This ‘beast from the east’, is truly disrupting our spring vibes and what we had hoped would become warmer and sunnier days, with the opportunity to stuff our cosy knits to the back of our wardrobe for another year. But with the snow storm and icy winds dominating our clothing choices, it doesn’t quite feel like spring is coming. 

But in all its icy gloom and bitter winds, spring is on its way, and the buds of blossoms are beginning to sprout, flowers are to be planted, and blankets of vibrant bluebells are soon to grace our woodland floorbeds. Not to mention, banks of daffodils that line our motorways and footpaths are emerging.

So with spring trying to fight its way through the cold, and Easter just over a month away, here at Fastsaletoday, we thought we would help you decide on where you can go for a staycation this spring. 

So here are 6 places in the UK to visit this spring. 

The Cotswolds 

The Cotswolds is a beautiful part of the world, no matter the time of year, but with spring, comes new colours and it is most certainly a gorgeous area to spend a long weekend. The Cotswolds is known for its honey-coloured stone villages and its cobbled towns and streets, which makes it a tranquil location for open countryside walks, and tea rooms. What’s more, the Cotswolds has more than 100 miles of public footpaths, so you certainly won’t be bored. 

Photo credit: Matthew Dixon/Shutterstock 

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales famous for its landscape in Bronte’s iconic novel Wuthering Heights is one of the prettiest and peaceful countryside setting in the UK. It is a patchwork of lush green fields, with never-ending hilltops; making it a difficult place to drive through, without an urge to stop and take a photo. From site seeing, to cycling and walking miles on end, the Yorkshire Dales is said to be breath-taking in spring. Why not try the six-mile Upper Wharfedale wild walk, following a traditional dry stone walls, hillside streams, and rolling valleys which overlook white snowdrops and thousands of bluebells? 

Photo credit: LouLou Lipatti-Mesme/Shutterstock 


It is not only the Yorkshrie Dales that had its nickname dubbed as the Bronte country, but Dorset is a popular countryside retreat to explore, as the birthplace and life of British writer Thomas Hardy. Known for his flair of writing, Dorset has a lot to offer, as you can visit his house, now owned by The National trust. Much of Dorset has also been rewarded as an area of outstanding natural beauty, where around 5% of England’s protected ancient monuments are located and can be visited. 

Photo credit: Lukasz Pajor/Shutterstock 


Once again, a picturesque part of England is symbolic for a prolific writer and novelist who spent much of her life roaming the fields and hilltops Hampshire has to offer. It’s no wonder Jane Austen exuded a passion for the countryside, setting her world-famous novel of Pride and Prejudice in this treasured area of the world. From New Forest to the Moors Valley Country Park, there are endless paths to roam this spring. And be sure to visit the house Austen resided in. 

Photo credit: Jane Rix/Shutterstock 


From surfer’s paradise situated in Newquay, to Lands’ End, Cornwall is bursting with picturesque and charming small towns and villages, making it a quiet and regal place to visit this Spring. Known for its seaside towns and country parks, you could walk for miles on end, only to stumble upon another beautiful field that would take your breath away. There’s an abundant of activities to do in Cornwall, whether it be exploring its most famous attraction, The Eden Project, or exploring one of Cornwall’s stately homes. 

Photo credit: PJ Photography/Shutterstock 

Lake District

From wildlife watching in Buttermere Valley, to William Wordworth’s house, an exciting attraction to the area, the Lake District is a gorgeous countryside staycation. If you’re looking to escape for a few days, the Lake District has it all. Whether you’re into challenging yourself to hike on the fells, to learning a few history stories, dining in one of the areas notable pubs, there is so much to do this spring. Not to mention, the scenery is not something to be taken for granted. Why not find a daffodil and bluebell spot, and enjoy a picnic, while revelling in nature’s glory! 

Photo credit: Duncan Andison/Shutterstock 

Feature image credit: PJ Photography/Shutterstock 

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