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8 things that will put people off buying your home

Selling a house can be a very stressful time. From finding a buyer to completion there is uncertainty all the way. Securing a buyer is not always easy and if you’ve had multitudes trooping through your living room but no one offering to buy, you are probably wondering what’s wrong with your house. To help, we have compiled a list of 8 things that will put people off buying your home.

1. Damp
A survey by GoCompare found that 70% of buyers wouldn’t buy a house with damp or stained ceilings or walls. Treat any damp areas and redecorate. Repaint even if the stain is old or the buyer will think it is still a problem.

2. Dirty kitchens and bathrooms
Grimy kitchens are a big turn off for buyers. If the sink is full of washing up and the cupboards and counters are filthy it’s hard for a prospective buyer to imagine living there. Make sure last night’s dishes are put away and everything is wiped down.

Ensure bathrooms and cloakrooms are clean for the same reason. A dirty toilet could lose a buyer even if the rest of the house is up to scratch. Having a coloured bathroom suite is also a turn off. If you think your avocado bath is scaring buyers away it might be an idea to have a low cost white suite installed.

3. Shoddy DIY
Unfinished building work or DIY could scare a buyer off. Property in a poor state of repair gives the impression of neglect making the buyer assume other major things could be wrong.

4. Bad smells
If the first thing people notice when they walk through your front door is the smell it won’t bode well for a successful sale. A buyer will not be able to concentrate on viewing your home if they are overcome by stale smoke or pet odour. Putting air fresheners in every room can help along with opening windows and vacuuming. It’s a good idea not to cook fish or other strong smelling food if you have a viewing booked. Coffee and home baking on the other hand are welcoming homely aromas.

5. Clutter
You may be very proud of your collection of ornaments but to a buyer it could look like clutter. It’s fine to have a few trinkets around but if they cover every surface it will make the room appear smaller, untidy and give the impression that there is a lack of storage.

6. Overgrown garden
Everybody loves a garden but it is hard to imagine relaxing in the sunshine if the grass and weeds are waist height. Even if you’re not green fingered it’s relatively easy to clear the weeds and mow the lawn. Make it look inviting and your buyer will be smitten.

7. Lots of cats
You may not be able to resist taking in strays but a house full of cats (or other pets) can make a buyer run for the hills! Lots of pets equates to lots of smell, hairs and mess making a buyer disregard your property altogether.

8. Dark rooms
Some rooms are naturally darker than others but there are ways to brighten them up. Keep curtains minimal to allow the light in and repaint the walls and ceiling in neutral colours. Adding a mirror will also reflect light making it seem brighter.

Feature image credit: Adam J/Shutterstock 


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