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Decorating Tips & Tricks for the First Time Buyer

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Want to know the best decorating tips & tricks for the first time buyer? From repurposing furniture to deep cleaning upholstery – we have you covered! Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice style. It’s time to bag some real bargains! And here’s how…

Charity Shops & Second Hand Sites

The majority of Millennia’s are overly sensitive, and somewhat picky when it comes to picking up bargains from charity shops and online second-hand sites such as Gumtree, Ebay and Preloved. Often dubbing the idea of second hand sofas and other larger items of furniture as ‘icky’ or in bad taste, many have impractical notions as to what they can afford. Some are so fussy about the notion of purchasing a second hand item, they choose to do without; opting for beanbags (etc.) instead of a proper sofa.

So why should I consider charity shops and second hand sites? 

Money saved: Some second hand items aren’t that old – so you can pick up a real bargain!

Deep cleaning upholstery: One of the most common worries surrounding second hand furniture was the notion that the new owners ‘didn’t know where it had been.’ Often paying to have a piece of second hand furniture deep cleaned is cheaper than buying new.

For a good cause: Buying from charity shops means you’re also donating to a good cause – bonus!


second hand furniture
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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Similarly, until you can afford to decorate a whole room properly, it’s probably better that you resist the urge to buy that singular piece of furniture you love. Often items such as beds and sofas require a substantial financial outlay and by the time you have managed to decorate the rest of the room to match; your original item will look tired, worn or outdated. Having a mismatch is the short run will allow you to save for a better room in the not-so-long-term.
Also, it’s amazing how much some people are prepared to pay for items, even if they are second or third hand. Once you’re ready to purchase a completely new item, you might be able sell the item on (providing this doesn’t cause any upset), and use the money against the cost of the new item.


fussy homeowner
Image: Credit to pathdoc /

Love your home’s quirks

Get creative and think outside of the box. That’s shabby cabinet or shelving you were given may add a charming rustic effect to your kitchen. Equally, it may look brand new, should you strip the wood back then give it a fresh coat of paint. Giving your home a little T.L.C and accessorizing older items will help to make your house feel more homley.

house quirks
Image: Credit to Peter Zijlstra /

Try Different Layouts

Your first home is likely to be the smallest you live in. Arranging your furniture may feel like a game of Tetris. And who says you got the layout perfect the first time? To maximize your space; play about with the design of each room – especially ones such as the living room and your bedroom, which feature some of the largest movable furniture. Who knows, you might just find that one of the new set-ups looks that bit better than what you had before!


house layout
Image: Credit to Andrey_Popov /

Less is more!

As tempting as it may be to browse your favourite catalogues and shops for new and exciting household accessories; you will find that, given a couple of years, your home will have rather less space than you first anticipated. Birthdays and Christmas-time usually sees an abundance of new gifts and gadgets which all require valuable space in your home. It is therefore a good idea to create wish lists, which can be passed onto people. This way, you still receive the desired items, but don’t have to rack up the big bills or maybe some of the less-desired items, such as the hand-knitted sweater from Aunt Ethel!

If you still wish to purchase the item yourself, try waiting a couple of weeks to see if you still like it just as much. If you do, and the item is still in stock; it was meant to be. If you’ve changed your mind, or it goes out of stock; you’ve saved yourself money, and could potentially find something better. Equally, when waiting two weeks, you may the item you desired is now in the sale – bonus!


shopping for accessories
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