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How to Organise a Royal Wedding Street Party

As we begin the countdown for the royal nuptials, Brits will be preparing to pop the corks off several bottles of champagne and prosecco, break out the gin and tonic, and showcase their British spirit with Union Jack bunting. And what better way than watch Megan and Harry wed, than by hosting a royal wedding street party.  

And although, we’re not celebrating the occasion with a bank holiday, there is still so much to be excited about. If you’re one of thousands of Brits who are thinking of hosting a street party, there are rules to follow – albeit not many, as local authorities have abolished road closure fees, but it’s worth double checking before you send royal invites to your entire community. If you want to host a royal wedding street party, most councils will require an application. If you live on a private road, small road, cul-de-sac or residents-only road, then a risk assessment by the council isn’t necessary; making the process to host a lot quicker. 

Photo credit: Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock 

If you want to host a party on your road, but it is slightly busier than most roads in your area, it is a little bit harder to plan. Not impossible, but patience and money is needed. Normally, when applying for a road closure, there is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) fee which can cost £2,000, but councils across the country may have waived the charge. And although there may be no cost involved to physically host the street party, but if you wish to have alcohol (and who wouldn’t), you need to apply for a temporary events notice, which can cost £21, covering groups of 500 or less. It’s worth noting though, if you are giving the alcohol away free of charge, and not selling it, then this notice is not needed. 

And no good British party is complete without food. So, if you plan to eat for as long as you watch the coverage on television, then you’ll need to know the restrictions in place. You can serve food up to 11pm without a license, but make sure you triple check any hidden restrictions with the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Live music is a must-have, and if you plan just to party the day away, then you don’t need a license. This is only necessary if you wish to make money from the entertainment provided, such as a gig, or raising money for charity. And the most important part of the day is wiring up a big screen to watch the wedding live! BBC, will be the broadcasting channel for the day, and has also waived the license fee which is normally needed for events and street parties. 

Who can forget the part everyone looks forward to – decorating. Splash out on balloons, bunting, confetti, paper plates and cups, flags, and memorabilia for the royal day; as no shop in Britain is without products with the royal couple’s faces adorned on it.

Photo credit: Ruth Black/Shutterstock 

When preparing food, Marks & Spencer’s – Britain’s most loved food chain has everything you need to indulge and celebrate. From fairy cakes to cookies and customized cupcakes and larger-than-life cakes, you simply decorate any sweet treat you like with the colours of the Union Jack. If you’re feeling particularly inventive, take some time to source icing toppers of the happy couple.

Photo credit: Ruth Black/Shutterstock 

Feature image credit: Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock 

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