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How to Hygge Your Home in Four Easy Steps

Whether consciously or not, it seems that everyone is striving for Hygge this winter – after all, we have had a trying year. 2016 has been fraught with shock, instability and an uneasy feeling that we can’t quite put a finger on and this has caused us to seek comfort in any which way we can. This year, partaking in the Hygge revolution may just be the answer. A phenomenon first documented in eighteenth-century Denmark, perhaps it is best explained as this: “Hygge is the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.”  Ultimately it is thought to be the best way to cope with the long and murky winter months we are about to endure; surviving through a state of self-soothing, quasi-hibernation. But how exactly can we achieve this snug serenity in our homes?  Try starting with these four easy steps…


As harsh lighting is detrimental to the state of Hygge, introduce light that will soften and romanticise your internal space; bringing warmth in abundance. Try candles in winter-inspired scents and diffusers for added effect; even low-hanging fairy lights and lamps with glittering shades. Light is used to make spaces feel relaxed and potentially, really rather flattering. As you bask in the glow of candlelight, it will be impossible to feel anything other than comfort. 


Photo credit: Roman Kozhevnikov/Shutterstock 


Bring nature indoors by introducing leafy houseplants, delicate flowers and earth coloured pebbles and stones to your living space. The point of hygge is to stay home, nestled within your own environment, but by bringing in elements of the outside world you will encourage a deeper connection to your environment. Plus, you will encourage growth – both literally (via your potted plants) and metaphorically. After all, it is well known that plants are essential to happiness and overall well-being. 


Photo credit: Kwanbenz/Shutterstock 


A continuation of this is to use as many natural resources and materials as possible; promoting an array of textures and real, solid furnishings with a life and soul of their own. It’s all about rough cuts of wood, woollen fabrics and terracotta pots and plates. Each and every item should evoke a feeling through touch; creating a tactile environment that is clear of stark steels and plastics. Try a solid pine dining set or a rustic, hand-woven rug placed perfectly by the fire for added Hygge effect.  


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Finally, create your very own ‘nook.’ Transform an area into your very own, personalised cosy space, in which to nestle and relax. Add a variety of soft, velvety blankets and faux fur throws to ensure comfort and a real notion of serenity. In your newly created nook, you can expect to part-take in many a Hygge-friendly activity; such as reading by candlelight, supping on delicious teas and hot foods and generally enjoying a peaceful state of mind and body. You deserve it. 


Photo credit: Fotyma/Shutterstock 

Hygge Decorating Tips…

Control Your Clutter

Remember the Hygge mantra? Keep it minimal and clear away anything that is unnecessary and overwhelming. If it’s a challenge, try incorporating well-placed storage furniture and containers: everything should have its place. 

Be Consistent with Colour

Try to opt for a well-chosen and neutral colour palette, in terms of the main walls and carpets, as this will create a soft and sophisticated space. As you walk through your home it will feel cosier and more connected. Plus, coloured accessories will pop against plainer colours.

Mix Rustic and Luxe

Introduce Scandinavian staples like wooden surfaces and simple seating and give them a twist with plush velvets and furs in deep colours, with lashings of metallic trim. 

To Finish, Add Pattern and Texture

Rely on accessories to add any desired pattern and texture missing from each room. Through working on each room individually, you will ensure that each is representative of its own character – like adding a touch of blush to the bedroom, or keeping it calm and rounded in the office. 


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Feature image credit: Valentyn Volkov/Shutterstock 

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