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Magical Easter Parties!

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Spring promises that well deserved splash of colour after a long, dreary British winter. And with Easter only a couple of weeks away; it’s time to get planning some magical Easter parties, so that you and your family can make the best of the blue skies and sunny days!


Decorating your home

Easter and the spring sees a celebration of life. Colour, texture and fun are key in terms of decorating your home. Barring Christmas, it’s the one of time of the year where you are positively encouraged to overload the senses (and if done right, that’s not a bad thing!).
Surprising your children with an Easter wonderland can be really rewarding for adults as children rarely hold back in their emotional response and it’s great to see their faces lighting up with excitement. However, it can also be equally fun to allow your children to help you in the decorating process; making arts and crafts, setting the table for your Easter meal and baking delicious treats! Easter parties are a magical way of spending time with your family this Easter!
So where should you start?

Indulge your Senses….


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Aesthetics: A splash of colour!

The spring is well known for its pastel colours however, people often forget about the bold, strong fuchsias, burnt orange and duck egg yellows which can all play a big part in livening up your home. As noted by Sally Augustin, Ph.D., who specialises in colour psychology, ‘yellow has been well documented to evoke an emotional response of joy’, so make sure to include this in your colour scheme! Painted eggs are one of the most effective options in terms of adding that boost of colour, as they can feature in a range of different ways within your home. Popular designs have seen them used as mantelpiece décor, place in a bowl for a centre piece or hung from branches as a stylish indoor or outdoor feature.


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Children especially love tactile materials however, adults too are programmed to respond to objects that offer a deviate from the norm, hence the popular trend of having a feature wall in living rooms. Balloons, streamers and handmade craft items are a visual feast for your eyes and can be colour coordinated to create a stunning display. Why not try your hand at some arts and crafts and paint or dye eggs? You could also make tissue-paper flowers or crack open the glitter and design some Easter egg cards – add that little bit of sparkle this Easter!


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Rather than clustering too much in the way of colour or texture together, you should aim to distribute your décor around the room. Varying heights are recommended, so items such as bunting and balloons are recommended for creating that desired effect. Colour works best on a neutral background as it helps to stand out and similarly, textures should be complimented with one another. For example, an overly busy table cloth, choose to have plain coloured Easter eggs rather than marbled ones.



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Yummy Treats!
What better way to make a house feel like a home than with the aroma of freshly baked cookies or fairy cakes coming warm from the oven? Your kids can have a great time making Easter food with you – and it’s a great bonding experience! Although Easter sees a mass of sugary recipes with chocolate crispy cakes, simnel cake and carrot cake; there are a range of healthier Easter foods too that should not be overlooked. Egg sandwiches, carrot sticks, dyed shell boiled eggs, roast lamb and a range of breads are also tasty options.



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The Easter Egg hunt…

A traditional Easter Egg hunt of chocolate eggs is always an exciting treat for your child. If you are worried about them consuming too much chocolate and sugar, plastic eggs are also available from many stores.



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Spring allows for an abundance of aromas. From freshly baked hot cross buns to hyacinths, this time of year truly indulges the senses. It is important to keep glass vases out of the reach of little, grasping fingers though and not only could this create a messy spillage; smashed glass is a real hazard and you certainly do not want the stress of family members being injured and having to make a trip to A&E.

Easter Party Easter Umbrella

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Let’s Party!

Now that your house is decorated and your Easter Egg hunt is ready for your kids (or even, the big kids!), you may wonder what other activities could fill your Easter Party?


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The Great Outdoors…

Piñata: Fill your piñata with small Easter Eggs and other such treats! Easter themed egg piñatas are available from most large supermarkets or, if you’re creative, make your own!

The flour game: Filling a small bowl full of flour, then carefully upturning it on a plate to create a flour sandcastle of sorts can be a surprisingly fun game. For it to work, you should place a mini Easter egg in the centre of the flour mound. Each person then takes a turn at cutting a slice of the mound away. The person who causes it to fall has to pick the sweet up with their mouth, holding their hands behind their back. Get ready for some floury faces!

Pin the tail on the donkey / rabbit: This classic children’s game provides great entertainment! The blindfolded contestant has to attempt to pin a tail on either the donkey or rabbit. The closest contestant to where the tail should be wins!

Musical chairs: Choosing Easter themed bunny songs will add a fun Easter touch to this well-known game!

Wheelbarrow rides: Providing you don’t go too fast and are on a soft surface such as grass or sand; wheelbarrow rides are great fun for children small enough to fit in!


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