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How To Make Your Box Room Your Best Room

Shrinking house sizes have resulted in some rather small box rooms. Sometimes it can be hard to determine how to make your box room your best room, simply owing to its size. However, there are some benefits. With a smaller room, decorating the space is often cheaper, and arguably more fun! A box room is rarely taken seriously, as a large proportion of savings is thrown at every day, communal rooms such as the kitchen or the lounge. This somewhat permits you your artistic licence to have fun with this room – go wild and get creative. The worst case scenario: you would simply have to redecorate in the future.


Younger children have a great sense of adventure and would love a magical scene, full of colour and wonder as part of their playroom. Wall murals are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Or, if you have a certain talent when it comes to all things creative; you can apply your own artistic flair and create your very own magical scene!


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Typically, in young families, the box room is reserved for the baby of the family, whether that be a soon-to-be-baby, a toddler or young child. Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean it can’t be a magical one. A tiny person, aka an under-seven year old doesn’t need that much space, if you carefully plan how to use what you have available to you.

Firstly, opt for a light and bright colour scheme. Small embellishments will make the room more interesting for little ones, but try not to make them too bold or fussy. Statement walls would visually decrease the space in the room, whereas splashes of block colour would liven up a colder room – think buntWarm pastel colours such as pinks, peaches, oranges, greens and purples all contrast well with lighter cream colours. By keeping some walls a neutral colour such as cream; your room will appear brighter.

Bunk beds are also a great space saver and are always a winner with kids.


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Guest Room or Study

Raised beds are great for storage and can double up as a sofa meaning, when you do not have guests staying at your house, the room can double up as a second, mini-living room, or study. This room is a great place to home your books, computer and any small gym equipment.

If you are opting to use this space as a study; keep the design of the room clean, simple and free from distractions. The addition of some low maintenance plants will also add character and help to oxygenate the room. Creating a serene space in your home to simply to unwind and relax (whether or not this room is the box room in the house) is paramount. Those who are less stressed tend to cope better when it comes to handling the challenges life presents. Paintings of the seaside, a distant pasture or of another scenic view will help to achieve this ambience of serenity. Pebbles can also be used as paperweights to add to the general atmosphere.



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