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Number of Bedrooms vs Living Space

When in the market for a house, often the number of bedrooms is the first consideration a buyer will make. Along with location, aesthetics and price, size and living space is also one of the most considered factors. But which is more important?

The simple fact is that the more bedrooms a house in your price range has, the more likely they are to be small – and vice versa. As the buyer, you can choose to go for fewer, larger bedrooms with more living space or a larger number of smaller rooms.


So how do you make the choice?

When making this decision you have to first and foremost consider what would be best for your family; all families are different and therefore have different priorities.

For example, a family with young twin girls may be able to choose larger bedrooms and have both girls in one room, however the same may not be possible for a family with one teenage girl and one teenage boy.

As well as the size of your family, you’ll need to consider whether or not your family is still potentially growing; if you plan to have more children then it’s probably a good idea to purchase a house with enough bedrooms to accommodate them all.  If however, your family is complete then you won’t need to consider future bedrooms that may be needed.

Finally, you will need to consider your budget. More often than not, a house with more bedrooms will be valued higher, therefore if you simply can’t afford to pay for a house with more bedrooms then you may have to settle for a house with fewer rooms or consider relocating to a less expensive area.



If you know you’ll be selling the house on in the future, then you should be aware that many buyers are looking for houses with more bedrooms; the higher the number of bedrooms, the higher the price of the house and the faster the house tends to sell.

With this is mind, knocking walls down to make bigger rooms and sacrificing the number of rooms may not be the wisest idea economically speaking.

Saying that, it’s also not a good idea to try and create more bedrooms by dividing one bedroom into two; a box room that can hardly fit a bed isn’t going to attract buyers or be a value adding addition to your home.

Instead, you can perhaps turn a TV room or game room into a bedroom – or even use a front room or extra space downstairs to up the bedroom count.


To Conclude…

In conclusion, you have two considerations to make when it comes to deciding between raw square footage and number of bedrooms; the needs of your family and the possibility of re-selling your home in the future.

Although re-sale of a house is important, in most cases making the needs of your family a priority is a good choice; after all, this is your home and you want to be comfortable living there – there’s no point in sacrificing comfort because you want to sell for a higher price in the future.

You can always get creative when selling or make changes to your home (put walls up/knock them down etc.) when the time comes to sell.


Do you wish you had more or less bedrooms? Are any of your bedrooms too small? Let us know in the comment space below…


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