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Quirky House Accessories You Wish You Had

Quirky Accessories

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Houses should reflect the personality of the owner before being merited the term, ‘home’. Family photos, the slightly odd vase from a well-meaning Aunt and even your choice of bed linen can all help to create that homely feeling. However, for many home owners, some of the quirkier and somewhat brilliant designs available on the market are a little out of our daily-budget. Our article on the quirky house accessories you wish you had is proof that we can but dream!


Secret Wine Cellar

For those who like to keep their wine chilled, a quirky storage idea could incorporate your very own secret under-ground cellar! For those who may find this concept a little too claustrophobic; new technology allows for a motorised cellar to rise from beneath the floor which, on having fully risen from the ground, can further be used as a table. Once finished, the “table” retracts back down beneath the floor. A guaranteed way of achieving a crisp and chilled glass of your favourite tipple every time!



Heated Driveway

For those living on a hill or who are located in some of the chillier parts of the UK, a heated driveway helps to relieve the stress of having to de-ice your driveway and car. A large proportion of accidents happen just outside of the home, where there are combinations of treacherous conditions. Cars also end up damaged from the tyres failing to obtain the traction and grip needed to prevent from skidding as it moves down the steep gradient of the driveway. Cars that have failed to break owing to them skidding, have caused collisions as they career into oncoming traffic. Owning a heated driveway greatly reduces the likelihood of such accidents happening and removes the need for manual labour clearing the area.


Heated Drive

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Sailing Boat Bed

Fancy steering away from the traditional red racing car bed? Now your little sailors can drift and snooze in the land of nod, in a stylish little sailing boat bed! With a lick of paint, you can personalise their bed to complement their room or their personality. Add a couple of ship shaped cushions and some nautical bunting and you’re away!


Victorian family home Weybridge

Bookcase Secret Door

Adults and children alike love the novelty of having their very own bookcase that doubles up as a secret door in their home. This idea is quirky, fun and offers the perfect solution to houses that are tight on space. The catch? It does give your kids a bit of an unfair advantage when playing a game of hide and seek when their friends come to visit!


secret door bookcase

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Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring

Looking for something that little bit different? Vintage oak barrels make for a timeless classic in your home. notes how ‘the beautiful prime oak used in whisky casks’ was ‘diverted from land fill sites and transformed into a unique new recycled flooring product bristling with history and heritage.’

Whiskey lovers especially will enjoy the authenticity of the product as, ‘the history and journey of the barrel throughout its long life are still present and there for all to see; the branded markings of the various world famous bourbon, sherry and whisky manufacturers who have used these barrels over the course of their exotic life cycle.’


barrel flooring

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Under Stairs Children’s Den

As an alternative to the traditional outdoor Wendy House or Tree House; why not have an under-stairs house? The perks? Having an indoor under-stairs house will vastly decrease the number of times that your child asks for you to de-spider their favourite den! It is also an all-weather structure and is a great little place to store and hide excess toys when visitors pay a visit.



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Under-stairs houses are fun to personalise! With little box-plants (some prefer to use synthetic ones), window shutters, mini lights and even miniature roofs; these little hide-outs are the ultimate luxury for younger children.


Under-stairs den

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