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Selling a Hoarder’s House: Our Top Tips

What is hoarding?

Hoarders collect, save and gather objects, which creates clutter around the house. Some common symptoms of hoarding include:

• A persistent difficulty and anxiety when parting from possessions
• Difficulty keeping items organised
• Obsessive thoughts related to hoarding

Hoarding can cause major difficulties when selling a house.
For some, their excessive hoarding is caused by a mental illness and can cause devastating effects; making houses unliveable. Currently 2-3% of the population suffer from excessive hoarding.

Excessive hoarding is seen in extreme cases. However mild hoarding is actually very common and not a result of an illness.

Are you guilty of hoarding?

• Do you have clothes in your wardrobe you don’t wear?
• Keep old toys or items from your childhood?

It’s apparent many of us fall into the trap of hoarding. Hoarding can cause detrimental effects such as lowering the value of your house. However, hoarding doesn’t have to cause issues when selling your house and there are ways to prevent your house from losing value.

To fix up or to sell as is?

Fixing up a hoarder’s house

If you’re looking to gain the most profit, clearing out and repairing is the best financial option. People often buy a house from its appearance. So naturally, a fully functional beautiful home is going to draw in more potential buyers. There are many different ways at making a house more appealing but clearing out a hoarder’s house is an essential place to start.

Although, fixing up a hoarder’s home is both costly and time consuming. Hiring a professional to assess the damage and give you a quote of the costs and timings is often the best way to go, allowing you to weigh up the pros and cons of ‘fixing up’ a house.

Clearing out a hoarder’s home can be a challenging and sensitive task. It can often take weeks to months to clear away the sheer clutter and dirt. Cleaning costs for hoarding environments can often cost thousands, depending on the severity and amount of cleaning required.

When cleaning a hoarder’s house make sure you abide by the following steps:

• Assess the situation, and make a realistic cleaning strategy
• Hire cleaning experts and skips for disposal- hazardous and toxic materials are common, so hiring professionals is your safest bet.
• If personal objects are present within the house, allocate someone to watch over the clean to assure precious belongings aren’t thrown away.

Once the house is cleared, repairs are often needed to make the house fully functional. Typically, repairs include re-painting, plumbing, electrical work and roof renovations. Costs of home repairs are on the rise. On average, plumbing costs around £20-40 an hour. Furthermore, roof tiles cost around £100-300 per tile (approx. £5,000 for the whole roof).

So… repairs are a costly investment and without supervision renovations can go off the rails; costing clients even more money.

For many of us, full time supervision of builders is simply unachievable. If time is of the essence, a good way to get repairs done is to hire a contractor. Contactors are there to provide all the necessary equipment services and to see the project through (beginning to end). Providing an easy way to remove the stress of organising repairs.

However, contractors do come at a cost. Typically, they are paid around 10-20% of the total cost of the job.

Contractors aren’t for everyone. Many have been criticised for their poor work ethic, inflated costs and inadequate redesigns.

Here are some tips to avoid the cons of contractors:

• Ensure you do your research
• Compare prices and reviews of different contractors around you
• Stay in close proximity to ensure the workers aren’t slacking.

house transformation

Image credit: CapturePB/Shutterstock

Selling a hoarder’s house ‘As-is’ tips

For many reasons fixing up a hoarder’s home is often not worth the hassle. Whether that is because the house is in such poor condition it simply isn’t worth the time and money needed to renovate, or it might take too long to sell the house in order to make a profit. Another issue for hoarder’s is time. Many hoarder’s simply do not have the time to redecorate due to time constraints placed on them by the government or other reasons (such as debt).

If any of these are the case, a house flipper may be your best option! House flippers buy your house as it is, providing a convenient way to sell your house quickly, avoiding the stress of cleaning and repairing. Furthermore, you can avoid the trouble of public house viewings which can be disastrous for the sale of the house and for the seller’s mental health. Instead house flippers will view the home privately, place an offer, before taking the home off your hands.

This does mean you won’t make as much profit, but it offers a convenient and easy way to sell your house!

Image credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

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