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The Top Things That You Can do to Add Value to your Home

Adding value to your home

Whether you have just bought your first home, lived in your place for many years or looking to sell soon, there are many things that you could be doing to add value to your home. By being proactive with the way that you present and develop your home, you can take charge of the way you add true value to your house. Put in place just some of these things (although we recommend that you use as many as possible!) and you can expect to see your asking price creeping up.

Interior design

Interior design is perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to your property. Interior design does not necessarily mean stripping the wallpaper and getting new flooring, it could be as simple as re-arranging the furniture to make your rooms look more spacious, homely and welcoming as discussed in our guide to selling your home.

If you happen to have the time and the budget however, refurbishing your kitchen for added home value is a great idea that when done right could lead to a drastic increase in the valuation of your property. The kitchen is of course a key part of any home given how much time will be spent preparing and eating food in there. So, if you were looking to make any drastic changes to your property, it would probably be best to start here. Industry experts agree that the kitchen is one of (if not the most) important rooms in your house when it comes to viewings.

If you are taking a bigger approach to maximising your property's value, you might also want to consider adding a basement or cellar. Converting that additional space into a comfortable living environment or freeing it up for storage could add value to your house. Why not go the full mile and get the loft converted as well!

Never ignore the garden

The garden and driveway is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of your property to add value. Gardens can be as expensive or as cheap to improve, and it allows you to present your home in a completely new way. Not to mention that the garden can be a central hub for families to wind down, it is definitely one of the most integral areas to invest in. Stuck for ideas? Check out our advice on making the most out of your garden area (big or small!).

Make sure that the building is up to scratch

You may not be interested in spending time and money upgrading your home but at the very least, make sure you have any structural damage or broken features (such as the plumbing, central heating, gas or electric) looked at before attempting to sell. Bearing in mind, once your house has a survey conducted, it may not pass, so avoid any hassle during the process of dealing with issues beforehand. 

Below you will find a few examples of things that you might want to check before putting your home on the market:

  • Walls (inside and out) – Check for any scuffs, marks or damage to your walls
  • Floor – the floor of your home both inside and out can be damaged over the years, tiles get weak and cement cracks form unfortunately
  • The roof – most likely if you have an issue here you are likely to have noticed this already and be well on your way to fixing it!
  • Any problems with insects
  • Issues relating to damp and damage from outside elements.

The point is that whilst small issues should not affect the overall value of your home, any more serious or larger issues might. Make sure that they are addressed or at the very least considered before moving forward with the sales process.

First impressions are key!

First impressions to add value to your home.

Did you know that a buyer will begin reviewing your property (and whether they would buy it or not) before they even reach your front door? One easy thing that you can do is to make sure that your front door is welcoming and unique. Something that the estate agents might not ask you, what does your front door say about you?

Add more off-street parking

Something that you probably hear an awful lot of moaning from family, friends and work colleagues is parking. This is such a hot topic that there have been apps such as Parkopedia created to inform people about the parking spaces available around them. Increasing the parking available to a home owner is a sure-fire way to increase the price of a property.

Develop a clear narrative and utilise your natural charm

Before putting your property on the market for everyone to see, make sure that you identify your clear narrative and make use of the natural charm that you and your family have. There should be an easily identifiable theme running throughout your house. Nationwide summarised this perfectly for us here.

"Giving your home a thorough clean before viewings and taking photographs is an important yet often ignored piece of advice that will go a long way. It allows the true potential of your home to be seen by all and can directly influence the price offered."


If you have pets, arrange to take your pet out when you have viewings arranged. And be sure to have given your house a thorough clean, and spray some air freshner to take away any smell of pet that may be unwelcoming to someone who doesn't like animals.

All that other fun stuff!

All the above are just suggestions on how you can improve the value of your property. Some of them big, some of the small. Any home improvement you make is positive. Whether it results in a higher asking price or simply makes it easier for buyers to say yes to the current one!

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