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Where in the world should you buy your holiday home?

Rain, clouds and grey skies getting too much? Concept of British Summertime wearing thin? Us too. It’s no wonder that 800,000 Brits now own a second home abroad, and the number is steadily rising year by year. So if you fancy joining the droves of holiday home makers, we don’t blame you. However, there is one primary consideration to make; where in the world should you buy your holiday home?

After all, this home is going to be your escape from the pressures of everyday, your haven, and the setting for a lifetime of happy holiday memories – so you need to make sure that you’ve bought in a country that you’d be happy to spend ample time in!

Check out the main considerations we think need to be made when choosing your perfect holiday home destination…


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Whether you prefer hosting BBQ’s by your villa’s private pool or venturing out into the pretty old town for slap up dinners, meal times and food in general are a hugely important part of holidays. When deciding where you want to purchase a second home, it’s important therefore to consider your favourite types of food.

Love tapas and red wine? An apartment in the heart of Mallorca would be perfect.

Pizza, pasta and ice cream sound like a dream? Get that villa in Italy.

Bratwurst and beer sound like a match made in heaven? A house in Germany would be your perfect match!

You get the idea…


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If you have another home abroad, chances are you’re going to want to be spending as much time there as possible. A holiday home is a fantastic weekend or bank holiday getaway, so if you don’t want to waste a huge proportion of your precious time off on the aeroplane, then it’s a good idea to buy somewhere relatively close to home – particularly if you dislike flying.

France, Spain and Portugal are great options for those who want to be as close to home as possible, but remember places like Greece or Tenerife are still feasible if you don’t mind travelling a bit further out…It’s a completely personal decision!


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Each different European city has a rich, vibrant culture just waiting to be explored – but which one would fit your lifestyle?

If you’re a foodie, Spain and Italy have plenty of new, interesting foods for you to try, and the cooking culture is huge – not to mention all the towns with food markets!

The Spanish are also known for their ‘manana’ attitude (they’re very laid-back) so if you prefer taking a stroll into town for brunch to full on sightseeing, then Spain is the place for you.

Alternatively, if you love night life and staying out late, Germany has a fantastic clubbing scene.

If wine and cheese is your thing, then buy a holiday home in France and you’ll be able to live on the stuff if you so wish!


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What you love doing, your interests and favourite activities, should play a big part in the country you choose to make your second home.

Do you love sightseeing? Barcelona and Athens are both towns filled with fantastic sites to visit – you’ll never run out of things to see and do.

If you’re into sports and fitness, then somewhere like Malta is known for its deluge of Water Sports available to try.

Passionate about architecture and art? You’re sure to love France with its wide range of art galleries and museums – after all, what art-lover wouldn’t want the Mona Lisa on their doorstep (she’s proudly displayed in the Louvre, Paris).

Keen historians could head to somewhere like Poland or Slovakia, both countries with full, rich, interesting histories and the museums to learn all about them.

If you prefer to leave history in the classroom and, conversely, are always up for a party then places like Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam never sleep – and neither will you!

Alternatively, if nature is your passion then somewhere like Iceland provides the perfect opportunity to visit the glaciers and northern lights.


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Finally, although it shouldn’t be your biggest consideration in our humble opinion, for many people cost is something that can attract or repel them from a certain location. If you’re looking to keep your holiday trips frugal and make them often, then capital cities such as Barcelona and Paris probably aren’t the way to go. Go for small seaside towns instead or places more far out in the countryside if keeping on budget is your number one priority.

Want to be able to visit the bigger towns but can’t afford to have a home there? Not to worry – choose somewhere further out with fantastic transport links and you can have the best of both worlds!

So there you have it, our guide to choosing the perfect holiday home – happy holidays!

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