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Complete guide to quick sale companies

If you are looking to secure a quick property sale, the easiest way to do it is work with a company specializing in delivering you a quick sale property. It can be difficult to sell quickly on your own and quick sale specialists are experts who can secure the sale and get you the cash you need. As with any other line of work, some companies are better than others and some are simply untrustworthy. Because of this, you need to know what to look for in any company you consider-including us-to protect yourself and your investment.

Benefits of quick sale companies

Selling your house in the traditional way can be a lengthy, stressful, frustrating process. You need to deal with estate agents & their fees, surveyor valuations, advertising, preparing your home for viewings, organising your money for your new place, considering chains ... the list goes on and on. For people who have enough time, patience and resources to cope with this, a quick cash sale may not be needed. However, for those of us who struggle to deal with the aforementioned process, selling your home for cash could be the way to go.

What are the benefits of selling your home quickly in a smooth cash-for-house process?

No fees

Anyone who has dealt with estate agents in the past will attest to the severity of their fees - while they vary from one firm to another, they still place serious financial strain on buyers and sellers. There are also solicitors' fees to consider, with paperwork to be worked out and checked. When you sell your home for cash, you sidestep these fees altogether, and get the money faster than you would without middlemen getting in the way. The average time to sell a house through an estate agent is currently six months - do you have the patience to wait so long, and the funds to pay an agency's fees?

No waiting for interested buyers

If your property is in an unpopular area, attracting buyers through an estate agent can be difficult: potential buyers may see your property on the company website and decide it's wrong for them purely on the basis of the location, or they may begin a lengthy process of lowered offers, which can cause a considerable delay. When you're selling quickly for cash, yourself and the buyer can simply discuss money in private, negotiate face-to-face, and work out a deal to benefit you both. With national statistics proving that one in three sales fall through, selling your house at a slightly lower price to somebody with ready cash guarantees you fast money, without the standard lengthy wait.

Allows for a quick process

Sometimes, speed can be a priority when moving house. Perhaps you've been offered a new job in another region or country, and need to start straight away. Perhaps you've suffered a bereavement and want to leave a house filled with memories. Or perhaps you just want to make a quick, clean break from one place and get into another, fast. Whatever the reasons, selling your house for cash allows you to complete the selling process in less time than a conventional sale would.

Reasons for choosing a quick sale company

Turning to quick sale companies or quick property sale auctions isn't a sign that you have somehow failed; in contrast, it is a reasonable course of action for individuals in a wide variety of situations. We have worked with individuals who have come to us for reasons varying from an unexpected financial emergency to just wanting to get their house off the market after it had sat for too long. There is no single type of person who turns to quick sales and there needn't be any shame involved.

Some of the reasons people have sought our services include:

  • Financial emergency - Even the most prepared among us can be caught unawares and, for those with good equity in their home, a quick sale can provide them with the money they need to survive their crisis.
  • Stopping a repossession - Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where you are close to having your home prepossessed, a quick sale may be the only way to ensure that you get something for your home instead of losing it outright. Even if you owe more than fair market value, you will do better with some percentage of the home's value than none at all.
  • Sudden need to relocate - This is one of the most common reasons one might require quick sale services, but many people in this situation fail to consider the option. Sudden moves can be necessitated for a variety of reasons-divorce, a new job, the need to care for a sick relative-and selling a house while far away is incredibly stressful.
  • Inherited property - You may suddenly find yourself in possession of property you do not want or have use for; a quick sale is the best way to get it off your hands and get some money in your bank account.
  • Property isn't in top condition - If you have been unable to keep up with maintenance on your home or too many repairs popped up at once, it will be difficult to sell it via traditional means. Homebuyers tend to be very visually oriented while quick sale companies are quite comfortable with unattractive homes.
  • Been on the market too long - Maybe you started out trying to sell on your own or through an estate agent. Six months or a year down the road, you are exhausted with the open houses, strangers in your home, and the stress from waiting and not knowing. Quick sales put an end to that stress.

Quick sale process

With traditional means such as estate agency sales or selling independently, the home-buying process can take months from initial evaluations and repair through to viewings, accepting an offer and exchanging contracts. You will find that once you contact a good quick buyer (such as Fast Sale Today) there's very little you will need to handle personally. Here's how the home buying process will work and what you need to do at every step:

Initial contact

Once you have contacted us, you will be called back within 24 hours. This call will allow us to make a first estimate and make you an offer. If you agree, we will then assess your property's market value by conducting two independent surveys at our cost.

Survey and offer

To obtain the market value of your house, we'll use the Land Registry and other resources in order to assess the actual value paid by buyers for houses in your area. This differs from an estate agent's evaluation, which is usually higher to start off but tends to drop if the house doesn't sell. We'll offer a percentage of the true open market value of your property, with a guaranteed sale and a hassle-free fast sale process that no agent can offer. Moreover, we guarantee to make an offer on every house and to complete the sale at the agreed price provided that the survey is in order.

Sale process

At no cost to you whatsoever, our dedicated solicitors will start the sale process, which will be completed within an agreed framework. This is usually between 7 and 28 days unless otherwise specified. As we dispose of cash funds available for buying property, there will be no waiting times or third party buyers involved. Any outstanding mortgages or loans on the property will be settled by our solicitors, while the remaining cash will be transferred to your bank account. It's that swift and easy - all with your best interests at heart!

What you need to know

Anytime you decide to sell something, home or not, you are at risk of someone trying to take advantage of you. That risk increases when you are trying to sell the item quickly; if the buyer senses you are desperate, they gain confidence in their ability to manipulate you and your desire to sell quickly can push you to make choices that are not in your best interest.

Because of this, it is important that you know how to protect yourself when going for a quick sale house. Properties are big ticket items; as a result, they attract a lot of sharks. Below are some tips on how to protect yourself when you try to make a quick property sale.

Know the value of your home

Before you dive into the home selling process, it is vital that you know the top market value of your home. This number is the highest pricing point for your home. When determining this number, do not rely on your own assessment; you cannot determine the worth of your home by looking at home values of other homes in your neighbourhood. While that might put you in the right range, each home is different. Yours could be in better or worse shape than those you are comparing it to. An appraiser will be able to provide you with an accurate and objective number.

Know What Comparable Homes have Recently Sold For

The top market value of your home is not the price you should expect to sell it for-it is only the high end of the range where you home falls. It is very rare for a home to sell at top market value in the current market. To get a better idea of what you could actually get for your home, look at comparable homes which have recently sold in your area. Compare their selling price to their original listing price and you will get an idea of how low you can expect to go.

Know the Process and Ask Questions

When you have an idea of what to expect in terms of steps, paperwork, and fees, you are less likely to have someone take advantage of you. You do not need to understand every detail of the process, but having an outline of it in your head helps. Then, when something feels wrong, you will be better prepared to ask questions. A little knowledge can go a long way in protecting you.

Walk Away if You Feel Uncomfortable

Finally, no matter how far into the process you are, if you feel uncomfortable, that is a sign that something isn't right. Do not be afraid to walk away. It can save you many problems down the road.


Quick sale companies offer a great alternative to traditional means of selling your home through an estate agent. The benefits mean that you can complete the sale quickly and easily, without fear of the sale falling through. If you feel that a quick sale is what you need, feel free to contact Fast Sale Today and learn how our experts can help.


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