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Guide to choosing a quick house sale company

If you need to sell your house fast, without paying outrageous estate agency fees and without having to spend weeks on legal work, a quick sale company is the best option. But which company? All you're thinking right now might be "I just want someone to buy my house" but you'll have to do your research before you place your trust in a company. You'll need to find out who is actually buying the property, where the money comes from and how long it will take. It is important to find an honest company with transparent policies and experts who are willing to break down the process for you. Sounds daunting? Don't worry, here are some tips to help you!

Different types of quick sale providers

With 120 quick sale providers in the UK, you might find yourself overwhelmed by choice. However, the companies that buy your house can offer very different kinds of services. Some of them are direct buyers. Some handle broker sales, which means that they introduce sellers to third party buyers and facilitate sales. Others act as lead generators, who identify sellers and refer them to other quick sale providers.

When choosing a quick buyer company, you need to find out exactly what type of service they offer. When you need to sell fast, the best option is to find a direct buyer company - a company that has the expertise to handle the sale process, as well as the cash to pay for the property. This leads us to a second important clue as to the quality of a quick sale company.

Where does the cash come from?

A reliable company will be transparent with regards to where it sources the funds that will pay for your house. Sometimes, cash funds will only be available once the company succeeds in selling another property. Companies may also borrow cash from a lender or raise funds from investors. This could significantly slow down the sale process and problems with funding might cause renegotiations of the agreed price. You should also be wary of any possible breach in legislation.

To minimize these risks, look for a company that is willing to fully disclose where the cash comes from. If you want to finalize your sale as quickly as possible, the best option is to find a buyer company with funds available immediately. Make sure to ask all the questions about funding and how the purchase is regulated, and you're bound to enjoy a stress-free transaction.

Questions to ask

Here are some questions that you should consider asking home buying companies, so that you are able to assess the right company to buy your home.

  • How long have they been operating?
  • How many homes do they purchase on a yearly basis?
  • How much capital do they have immediate access to?
  • Do they buy property themselves or do they buy for others?
  • Are they offering straightforward cash or are they applying for a mortgage against the property?
  • Who pays for the property valuation or fees of the solicitor?
  • Do they have any procedures for complaints?
  • Does the company have any indemnity insurance?

A simple yes or no to any of these questions will help you identify whether you need to go ahead with the home buying company or look for another one that will suit your home selling needs. The way the company handles initial questions will define their level of professionalism and competence. Here are some other factors to consider when you are judging a home buying company.

  • Are they polite and prompt when they respond to your queries?
  • Have they explained all the details in-depth with clarity and transparency?
  • Will they give you a proposal in writing or is it a verbal offer?
  • What kind of charges are they proposing?
  • Do I need to make any payments to the company?

If you're unsure about any of the questions, then you probably need to look for another home buying company. There is an abundance of national home buyers that offer fast home sales, so remember as a seller you have the advantage to look around. Choose one that meets your needs and more importantly, one that you feel comfortable doing business with.

Be aware of fraudulent home buying companies

There are many quick buying companies that offer to make a home purchase in only 24 hours, but at a heavily discounted price than the market value. In some cases, companies also offer to buy homes, but then change their price offer at the very last minute. If a buyer desperately wants his homes bought fast, he may have no other choice but to agree to this offer and will end up losing a lot of money - that's why it's so important to do your homework before you agree to go ahead with a home buying company. Here are some factors to be wary of when dealing with quick buying companies:

  • Vague Fee Structures - Check the fee structures thoroughly and don't be afraid to ask questions when you need clarity. This way you can ensure that you are getting the price that the buyer is offering and won't charge any hidden fees.
  • Claiming to be cash-rich - Some companies claim to be rich in cash and will make an offer on your home. When it finally comes down to it, they will end up taking a mortgage against your home, which could delay the entire buying process and defeats the purpose of a quick home sale.
  • Misleading Property Value Claims - In the interest of paying less for the property, home buying companies may try to get you to believe that your property is worth less than it actually is. This means that you could end up losing a significant sum of money. Take control by checking your property value with the Land Registry so you know exactly what your home is worth.
  • Obligatory Contracts - Some home buying companies insist on getting into an exclusive contract with you and will prevent you from making a sale to others. Beware of these companies as they may ultimately reduce their offer price and you will be forced to sell it to them because of your signed contract.
  • Dishonest Claims - Some companies claim that the property can be purchased in a mere 24 hours and then take several weeks or months to finally complete the sale. This might sound like a very lucrative deal initially, but could very quickly turn into a nightmare, so beware of these tall claims from companies.

When choosing British home buyers, it is always advisable to choose a reputed company that has strong market credentials. After all, you don't want to end up losing out of thousands of pounds for a few errors in judgment. Reducing the price at the very end and vague fees are big warning signs when it comes to quick house buyers - so be sure to check all their credentials before you finally choose on a company.

Using a home buying company

If you decide to go with a quick home buying company, you can rest assured that you will get an offer on your house in a few days and can actually complete the sale in less than one month. This is a very attractive proposition to sellers who need to make a quick sale of their homes, but always keep the dangers in mind and go ahead with a company that has strong credentials and a good reputation in the market, a company like Fast Sale Today. The company offers a free home estimate and provides a guaranteed cash offer if everything checks out in the home. Since the company is cash funded, you could have the money in your account within a month of contacting them.

When you go to a home buying company, you can expect to sell your home very soon. If you need to look for a home buying company that you can trust, look no further than Fast Sale Today. In fact, Fast Sale Today should be your first reference point. Why not visit our site and get in touch to begin the process of selling your home fast.


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