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What you will find below are just a few video, audio and text testimonials from thousands of happy customers throughout the UK that have used our free service in the past!

Barry Turner
Jo Taylor

Mr and Mrs Davids - Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Mr & Mrs Davids had mounting debts which were causing a lot of pressure on their relationship. On top of this they had the threat of repossession taking place. We ended up helping them by buying their house and in a matter of 7 days! All their debts were cleared in the process and they happily moved on and rented a property nearby for a far cheaper rent than what they were paying on their mortgage debts.

"We cannot express enough thanks to Fast Sale Today, particularly to Robby, for helping us through our difficult times. We were offered the best 'Cash for my house' service and were treated with respect and care right from the beginning."

Mr Hayward - Swinton, Manchester

Mr Hayward came off his fixed term mortgage and was finding due to the recent interest rate hikes, that he was spending more money than what was coming in each month! This left him and his partner in a very vulnerable position with a possibility of being repossessed. Fast Sale Today was able to step in, assess their situation and then offer them a solution to "Sell my property fast".

"I thought the days of selling your home quickly and privately were gone! Our neighbours, friends, relatives and even our family do not know that we sold our home. The reason we chose Fast Sale Today was because they were respectful and came across as a very professional team of fast home sale specialists"

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